A biosensor is an analytical device, utilized for the discovery of an analyte that combines biological equipment’s with a physicochemical detector. Electrochemical biosensors are rarely based on enzymatic catalysis of a reaction that consumes or produces electrons (such enzymes are called redox enzymes). The sensor substrate contains three electrodes; 1) a reference electrode, 2) a working electrode and, 3) a counter electrode. Amperometric biosensors function is the production of a current when a potential is applied between 02 electrodes. They generally have response times, sensitivities and dynamic ranges similar to the potentiometric biosensors. The potentiometric biosensor, (potential created at 0 current) gives a logarithmic response with highly dynamic ranges. Such biosensors are often made by screen printing the electrode patterns on a plastic substrate, coated with a conducting polymer and then some protein (antibody or enzyme) is combined. They have only 02 electrodes are extremely sensitive & robust. A microbial biosensor is an analytical device which coordinates microorganism(s) with a physical transducer to generate a measurable signal proportional of the concentration of analytes.

  • Amperometric Biosensors
  • Biosensors in Drug Discovery and Drug Analysis
  • Electrochemical Biosensors
  • Potentiometric Biosensors
  • Microbial Biosensors
  • Enzymatic Biosensors
  • Optical Biosensor
  • Fluorescent Biosensors
  • Stretchable Electronics
  • Microelectrode Biosensors
  • Recognition Receptors in Biosensors
  • Biosensors and Biodetection
  • Biosensors with Fiberoptics
  • Biosensors for Security and Bioterrorism Applications
  • Non-invasive biosensors in clinical analysis
  • Biosensors and bioelectronics for clinical diagnostics
  • Recent advances in graphene-based biosensors & bioelectronics
  • Graphene-based tattoo-like skin biosensors
  • Biophotonics
  • Enzyme-based biosensors
  • Impedimetric Biosensors
  • Voltammetric Biosensors
  • Organism- and Whole Cell-Based Biosensors

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